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A play-for-one performed by Microsoft Office, phone, and laser printer puts you in the role of a temp covering for an overworked actuary.

Song of a Convalescent Ayn Rand Giving Thanks to the Godhead (in the Lydian Mode)

The true story of an imaginary illness as told by the drag queen empress of the U.S. economy.

Block Association Project

Welcome to the neighborhood. Please check your inbox.

Evanston: A Rare Comedy

Welcome to Evanston! Our official juice is: Jamba Juice. Our official book is: we don’t have one.

Righteous Money

An unashamedly bitter, sharp and biting satirical attack on the American dream...pulls no punches.

Rag Fur Blood Bone: The Epic of Gilgamesh

The Bull is Coming.

The Ted Haggard Monologues

We all make mistakes.