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The Block Association Project

Welcome to the neighborhood. Please check your inbox.

Join the Block Association to allocate city funding, fight the rodent problem, and agree on a few new policies regarding public nuisances. Please be warned, though – we’re trying to keep this a “politics-free” space, so we’d appreciate it if you could refrain from making overtly political statements. After all, regardless of how we vote, we’re all invested in making Oak Street the best place it can be, right? Taking place over email, cell phone videos, Zoom, and one stormy night in a local Church basement, Block Association Project is about what makes a community, and what breaks it.

I haven’t seen something as real-feeling, side-splittingly funny and haunting all at the same time as Block Association Project. Viewing the worst of American isolationism in a world spinning out of control through the lens of the worst a homeowner’s association has to offer (plus the pre-requisite suburban nightmare potluck, complete with one of those 5 foot long turkey subs), the show managed an insanely ambitious tonal range with aplomb. The cherry on top was creative use of signing each participant up for the neighborhood email listserv for a few weeks before the show–the cast felt real the moment you walked in the door.

-No Proscenium

“Tragicomic and harsh and beautiful all at the same time. It was a vision of both a future world created by a cruelty and apathy (the kind we’re all capable of), and of the resilience and beauty our common bonds as neighbors can create…an absolute triumph.”

— No Proscenium

  •  NoProscenium’s “Best Shows & Experiences of 2019”
  • Maxamoos “Best of 2019” podcast
  • Featured in Miriam Weinter’s podcast “Theater Practice”

Production Info

Premiered in 2021 as part of Actors Theater of Louisville 2021 Humana Festival of New Plays

Written by Michael Yates Crowley

Directed by Michael Rau

Scenic and Costume design by Sara C Walsh

Audio / Video Design by Asa Wember

Software by Michael Rau

Performed by:
Nathan Darrow
John McGinty
Ceci Fernandez
Lauren Lane
Myra Lucretia Taylor
Jane Park
Anne-Marie Trabolsi
and Joe Montoya

Amber Marince,Cathleen Riddley, andJon Nelson Wolfe

Director of Artistic Sign Language Alexandria Wailes
Assistant Directors Chloe Chowand Reed Flores +
Production Designer Sara C Walsh
Costume and Props Coordinator Shari Cochran
Lighting Coordinator Jason E. Weber
Video Editor Philip Allgeier
Stage Manager Katherine Thesing *
Dramaturg Katherine Kovner
Dramaturgy Assistant Alina Whatley +
Artistic Producer / Casting Director Emily Tarquin, CSA
Casting Associate Sujotta Pace, CSA
Line Producer Angelica Santiago
Rehearsal ASL Interpreters Jen Borland, Jenni Knetl, Hannah Lagler, Karah McKnight, Sharon Ploeger, CC Rowe, and Kim Santoscoy

Presented by special arrangement with A3 Artists Agency.

Block Association Project was developed as part of The Playwrights Realm’s Beyond the Realm Festival (Katherine Kovner, Founding Artistic Director | Roberta Pererira, Producing Director).

Special thanks to Carlton Terrence Taylor, Jr.

This production is made possible with the support of the Actors Theatre of Louisville Staff.

* Member of Actors’ Equity Association, the union of professional actors and stage managers of the United States.
+ Member of the Professional Training Company of Actors Theatre of Louisville.

This Theatre operates under an agreement between the League of Resident Theatres and Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.

Made possible by a generous grant from the Humana Foundation