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The Ted Haggard Block Association Project

Welcome to the neighborhood. Please check your inbox.

Join the Block Association to allocate city funding, fight the rodent problem, and agree on a few new policies regarding public nuisances. Please be warned, though – we’re trying to keep this a “politics-free” space, so we’d appreciate it if you could refrain from making overtly political statements. After all, regardless of how we vote, we’re all invested in making Oak Street the best place it can be, right? Taking place over email, cell phone videos, Zoom, and one stormy night in a local Church basement, Block Association Project is about what makes a community, and what breaks it.

“Tragicomic and harsh and beautiful all at the same time. It was a vision of both a future world created by a cruelty and apathy (the kind we’re all capable of), and of the resilience and beauty our common bonds as neighbors can create…an absolute triumph.”

— No Proscenium

Production Info

Coming early 2021!