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Evanston: A Rare Comedy

Welcome to Evanston! Our official juice is: Jamba Juice. Our official book is: we don’t have one.

Evanston: A Rare Comedy begins with the disappearance of a teenage girl in deepest suburbia and ends when a meeting of the local Women’s Book Club goes horribly awry. In between, a housewife dreams of Mexico, an economics professor has an affair with a check-out clerk at Whole Foods, and the financial crisis rages on. Inspired by the words of Psalm 137 and the best-seller “Eat, Pray, Love,” Evanston: A Rare Comedy takes a look at Middle America and asks: how can we sing a song of joy in this strange land?

Selected for Eugene O’Neill National New Play Conference in 2010

“Prepare to be rocked by Michael Yates Crowley’s new play, Evanston: A Rare Comedy…a hilarious (at times unnervingly on-point) portrait of yearning Evanston citizens whose oblivion proves to be their most dangerous threat. This play definitely deserves an audience.”
–Elizabeth O’Neill, Huffington Post

Production Info
NYC Premiere: PS 122, (undergroundzero festival)
HERE Arts Center (2009)
Written by Michael Yates Crowley
Directed by Michael Rau

Performed by:
Chas Carey
Devon Jordan
Sam West
Alex Orban
Anna Margaret Hollyman / Kate MacCluggage
Michael Yates Crowley