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Rag Fur Blood Bone: The Epic of Gilgamesh

The Bull is Coming.

The epic of Gilgamesh is preserved on twelve clay tablets, assembled in ancient Mesopotamia by the priest Sin-liqe-unninni. Animals are mentioned once or twice in the early tablets, and then ignored. But three thousand years later, the tablets are falling apart, and animals are taking over the gaps. Set in present-day New York City and ancient Iraq, featuring the goddess Ishtar and police commissioner Bernard Kerik, this is a story of modern cities, ancient battles, beautiful furniture, and men who want to be gods. In RAG FUR BLOOD BONE, over 20 actors, musicians and Babylonian scholars assemble at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center to rip this tale open and eat its bleeding heart.

Production Info
Workshopped at Tribeca Performing Arts Center (2009)
Written by Michael Yates Crowley
Directed by Michael Rau
Performed by:
feat. music by Mike Gamble and Devin Febbroriello a.k.a. Scrambler/Seequill
sets by Sara Walsh
lights by Greg Malen
costumes by Jessica Pabst
performed by:
Brian Long
Genevieve Angelson
Michael Yates Crowley
Nardeep Khurmi
Alex Orban
Carlos Ibarra
Christopher Loar
David Speer
Haile Owusu
Jessica Frey
Sara-Doe Osborne
John Paul Harkins
Josh Lubin Levy
Tatiana Pavela
Eric Wdowiack
Produced by: Josh Hetlzer, Rosalind Grush, Josh Lubin-Levy