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Righteous Money

An unashamedly bitter, sharp and biting satirical attack on the American dream…pulls no punches

In RIGHTEOUS MONEY, a financial advice show hosted by a foul-mouthed, unapologetic billionaire goes increasingly pear-shaped. What starts as a promo for his new book, “Buy The Recession,” takes a downward spiral as the host comes out, loses his mind, and tries to justify his wealth to an increasingly angry public. It is a hilarious and bitter allegory for the collapse of the US economy that asks: How much money can you handle?

Full of wit and with a fantastic undercurrent of dark humour, Righteous Money has important things to say, both about the financial system we rely on and the values of the society that spawned it.

(the Scotsman)

An example of that sublime and uncommon marriage of good acting with good material. Written and performed by the excellent Michael Yates Crowley, ‘Righteous Money’ is an ascerbic social commentary and dark comedy…Having toured several cities around the globe, Crowley and director Michael Rau bring it to New York with polish and style. It is funny, engaging, and right on the money.”
Sloan Rollins, EDGE

Production Info
Premiere: Ars Nova, New York City (2009)
Theater Bielefeld, Bielefeld, Germany (2010)
Voices of Change Festival,  Berlin Germany (2010)
Pleasance Theatre at the Edinburgh Fringe (2010)
SchlossTheater Moers, Moers Germany (2011)
Project Arts Center, Dublin Ireland (2011)
3LD Performing Arts Center, New York City, (2012)
Ringlokschuppen, Mulheim Germany (2012)


Written and performed by Michael Yates Crowley
Directed by Michael Rau
Sound and Video Design: Asa Wember