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Wolf 359 wishes you a Righteous New Year

Wolf 359 wishes you a Righteous New Year

Dear Wolf 359 Friends,

As 2019 sputters to an undignified finish, we are showing up late and covered in glitter to express FIERCE GRATITUDE to the artists we work with, and the community that we’re part of. Please consider a donation to Wolf 359 to support our future work.

This year we held the first public workshop of BLOCK ASSOCIATION PROJECT, our interactive performance/neighborhood gathering/potluck. Thank you to everyone who joined us, debated about voting rules, ate Beth’s muffins, and considered the meaning of community. (The show even snuck onto a “Best of 2019” list, despite being a preview!) With your help, we hope to bring the next version of BLOCK ASSOCIATION to life in 2020.


We also revived our quarterly series of readings, HEARTH GODS, featuring new work by Liza Birkenmeier, Emily Bohannon, Trish Harnetiaux, Carl Holder, Andrew Martin, and many more. Hearth Gods will return in early 2020–reply to add yourself to the mailing list.


Also in 2020: Michael Rau directs the world premiere of Kate Soper’s opera The Romance of the Rose at Peak Performance, our cubicle play TEMPING heads overseas, and we deconstruct the corporate gym.


Thank you for showing up, and please continue to support our work.


Rau, Crowley, & the Wolf 359 Crew


P.S. Our website is temporarily down due to malware–a clear indication of the strategic importance of our work on the geopolitical stage???

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