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TEMPING returns to NYC for a limited run

Missed the office?

TEMPING is back

Escape this world for a brief moment by visiting…the office. The Dutch Kills production of Wolf 359’s “temping” is running right now through November in New York City. You can read more about this show in this New York Times profile:

  • “An immersive work at the Wild Project asks the sole audience member to consider the value of life while role playing as an office worker involved in calculating risk of death…“temping” amalgamates the categories of immersive theater, performance art, installation art and gaming… [a] philosophical contemplation of being and time and your choices.” –Alexis Soloski, 

A few early reviews have also come in!

  • “Very moving…Michael Rau’s direction, precise if barely perceptible, creates an unearthly vibe that gets you to Crowley’s level.” –Joey Sims, Transitions
  • “A lot of fun…the more you immerse yourself in this fictional world, the more you will get out of it.” — This Week in New York

After short runs at Lincoln Center, A.R.T. and the Future of Storytelling Festival, we are excited that more people will get the chance to experience life as a temp. Performances are strictly limited, reserve your tickets now before they sell out!

Crowley & Rau

See Wolf 359’s TEMPING at the Wild Project Gallery

Written by Michael Yates Crowley
Directed by Michael Rau
Designed by Asa Wember
Set by Sara C. Walsh

Produced by Dutch Kills Theater

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